Mar 13, 2018

How long does it take whole process for caf application?

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Hello, how long does it takes to receive money from caf after I start my application? and can I apply later? for example, if I moved in my apartment in December last year, I am not sure if I am still eligible for receiving caf.

Mar 19, 2018

Hello ! usually it takes about one month to get the first CAF wirement. And even if you apply lately to the CAF, they can wire you up to the past 6 month (not more), so don't hesitate to apply to the CAF even if it is late.

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  • MaryamPour
    Sep 24

    CAF has all the documents they need, but yet they haven't paid. Also they say they are looking at some other document i've sent in the beginning of January, but i havent sent anything.
  • noelia
    Oct 22

    Hello, I am Spanish and I applied for CAF. they asked me to submit "acte de naissance" and I have birth certificate in Spanish but not translated in french yet. for CAF application, can I just submit Spanish version? or do I need to submit french version? Thanks in advance!
  • daria
    Mar 12, 2018

    hello! How can I get money from caf for the period they didn't have my titre de sejour? Because now I Have it. Its written I wasn't getting money because "Titre de séjour non fourni"

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