Accompany Me  is

 an integrated solution platform

to help you settle in France.
You can book all the services you need online from finding an accommodation in France, getting a french guarantor, electricity, mobile, internet, home insurance, bank, transportation card, caf application.

Find the Service You Want

We want to propose to international clients, a wide range of services, and to be able to help them in every situation.

do you need an accommodation In paris ? we are here for you.

If after  your settlement in your new place, you are still lost, because of all your administrative task: we can help you. Wether it is for Bank account, CAF, Insurance, Mobile, Internet, electricity or transportation, Accompany Me can provide you the help you need.

Contact the Operator Directly

We want to be here whenever our clients needs us, that is why, as a clients you can have several options to contact us.

You can have a first contact on our website, through our chat, to ask us any question about our services. But if you need a quicker, or specific answer, you can also send us a message directly through our facebook page, where we will always try to answer as quickly as possible.

and of course, we have a dedicated email for any other information that you may need:

Book and Make a Payment Online

We wish to propose to our clients, the simplest payment process possible.

you can book one of our service, choose the date, the hour, and even which operator you want (as long as they are available).

During this process we will ask you a few more informations, like school, phone number, or arrival date, to be sure that we can help you in the best way possible.

On our website, we also propose two payment option: credit card and Paypal.

We'd love to hear from you

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