How can I find accomodation without french guarantor? 

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Get ready to become a real Parisian with Accompany Me

Why Accompany Me?



Accompany me provides a real and physical accompaniment to the clients, because we wish to make every foreign student confident and independent during their journey in Paris.  

Easy to book online

We try to make our service offer, and our payment options as simple as possible, so that our clients don't have to waste to much time on our website, we want them to feel that we take care of everything with them.

Best Satisfaction

So far, we got a 100% satisfaction rate on Facebook, and we want to keep it going ! We can never be more happy than when we resolved a clients problem, and every time a client buy one of our service, we will do everything in order to end any issue he encounters. 

Provide you local life and settlement tips!

1) Prepare your stay according to your taste and your needs.

Paris is not this big of a city, but there are plenty of activity to do, and place to visit, at every corner of any street. 

So we suggest you to prepare yourself a bit before your arrival in Paris. The district where you will choose to live in, is very important, because even if Paris itself is relatively small, it is important that the place where you live is not too far from your university / school, or from the museum, or activities that interest you the most. If you like to party, and to hangout with friends every weekend, the center of Paris should suits you. But if you prefer to stay at home and to rest during your free time, you can search for an accommodation near the border of the city, where the district are more calm.




2) Do not wait any more. Save time by booking and organizing in advance.

If you already have plans to visit some city, museums, or any special places in our country, you should prepare your schedule already ! Maybe you can even book in advance the places that you want to visit, so that it will be easier for you when you are in France. Remember that buying plane / bus / train ticket in advance will always allow you to get cheaper prices.




3) Do not get lost. Be yourself. Have independent life even in foreign country.

We want our clients to be fully settled in Paris, and to feel like real Parisians and not like foreigners.

In order to do so, it is better to prepare yourself for all the paperwork that you will have to  do at your arrival, so that you can deal with it quickly and start your new life in France. We also advice you to learn some basic french, if it is not already the case, because there are many french people that don't speak english, so it will be useful to be able to communicate in French if needed !

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