March 14, 2018


The great thing about Europe is that you can find a destinations for any mood: if you feel like a culture trip,partying, lounging in cozy cafes or just enjoy looking up and walking around a beautiful city Europe has it all. The best part of it is that if you are planning to move to a European country all the other destinations are more or less 2h away so you can start planning small weekend getaways and not feel like you are missing out on anything Europe has to offer!




Amsterdam, The Netherlands - The Small Village Vibe


Amsterdam is a big town that has a small village vibe and everything about it screams cozy. The canals, paved narrow streets and small buildings bundled together just make you want to take things slow. Amsterdam is one of the culturally diverse cities in the world and you see that in the variety of different things there is to do. It happens to have the some of the most renowned museums (if you are not a museum lover we strongly suggest that you still visit The Rijksmuseum, it is beautifully designed which creates a contrast between modern and old antiquities making the experience even more immersive). Besides these beautiful museums and cute streets Amsterdam is at the center of the counterculture, you must have heard of the red light district and the coffeeshops. Getting lost in Amsterdam means discovering these not-so-hidden secrets which make Amsterdam the special place that it is. All of these are not authorised to minors, and are very regulated ! If you are 18+ then remember to always be vigilante even though Amsterdam is one of the safest cities in Europe!





Prague, Czech Republic - The Gothic-Romance Getaway


What’s the best part of Prague ? Its beauty and history equals Paris, but the beer is the best in Europe and all this for a third of the price of many other European destinations. When the Czechs broke away from communism and joined the EU in 2004 they became a valuable addition to Europe's already booming collection of incredible cultures. Prague is both an ideal winter and summer destinations as you can never take away the beauty of this 14th century city and the culture kick that it offers. Art is very much highlighted in Prague, their art galleries might not be as pretty as the Louvre but the bohemian style art that they have on display offers much to admire. Furthermore, people also like Prague because it is easy to get out of the touristic areas, immerse yourself into the real experience and fully satisfy your wanderer needs through their cobbled streets, hidden courtyards just a few blocks from the Old Town that give way to ancient chapels, cute cafe and to gothic gorgeousness everywhere!





London, the United Kingdom - Europe’s New York!


London is by far the largest city in Europe, and its got a neighborhood, a party scene and a cultural background for every type of person, so going to London is always going to be worth it no matter what you are into. Are you preppy? Then West and central London’s immaculate tall old buildings and posh cafes will make your day! More Grunge? East London’s has kept the 1920’s england vibe and the whole thing will make you feel like you are in an episode of Peaky Blinders. If you are the vegan-eating-hipster-type Notting Hill is your dream, small colorful houses, homemade everything cafes at every corner, old cinemas and thrift shops everywhere. Finally for our multicolored flag lovers Soho is everything you have ever wished for, extravagante cocktail bars blasting all the newest electro pop tunes and covered in neon lights. Add a pinch of the most amazing museums, impressive historical buildings, a touch of incredible open-minded international culture and finally some dark english humour and you have yourself the most exciting city in the world! But be aware London does come with a certain cost so if you are planning a trip there is it highly suggested to plan your budget carefully.





Lisbon, Portugal - Pretty Little Paradise


Lisbon as I am sure you have read before is one of the oldest cities in Europe, its so old and and well kept that most houses don’t have central heating! It’s a good thing that its sunny most of the year, which makes it also a great destinations for Europeans who want to enjoy summer a little longer after the end of the peak months (June, July & August). Lisbon combines everything you would want during a weekend getaway, first of all it is so cute it’s hard to not feel like you are in a romantic movie, its has an incredible amount of history and culture considering how small it is. Furthermore, it has a beach but if you want to real Portuguese beach experience then you will have to drive about 2h to the south of Portugal where you will find villages that are built around the extensive amount of hidden beaches (REALLY worth visiting, look up Algarve coast). But Lisbon is as relaxing as it is pretty, the Portuguese culture is all about taking it slow and you can feel that in the air of their lovely capital.





Copenhagen, Denmark - The Capital of Clean Cool


You know when you see those perfectly preppy dressed, beautiful blonde and just too cool human beings? Chances are they are Danish, and particularly from Copenhagen. Only in Copenhagen do the cycle lanes look like fashion show runways! Much like the Danes home design and their clothing style, Copenhagen is all about clean cool and beauty in simplicity. But that is not all Copenhagen is good for, if you are a foodie it is the only place to be. It hosts the restaurant with the most Michelin stars in the world but not only, the Danish lifestyle if one of health and that attracts many well known chefs from all over the world who come to cook for people who they know will appreciate their quality good. Furthermore, Copenhagen is a perfect example of a city that has managed to combine their strong historical heritage with 21st century developments, throughout the city you will find beautiful old buildings and amongst them some amazing examples of modern day architecture. Now all this preppyness does come with a price, the nordic countries are well known for being expensive so we advise just like London that you plan your budget well in advance.





To conclude, Europe is the melting pot of so many strong countries and cultures. But the best part is that this has created a very open-minded population and that is what truly makes Europe a wonderfully special place.


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